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The modules of the Young Leaders’ Scheme are designed to cover all aspects of training. They will help Young Leaders become aware of, and learn how to deal with, various different facets of leadership within the Scouting Movement.

Module A – Prepare for take-off! This module is compulsory for all Young Leaders and must be completed within three months of becoming a Young Leader. It covers key areas which every Young Leader will need to know:

  • Purpose and Method of The Scout Association
  • Child protection
  • Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR)
  • Activity rules and safety
  • Understanding the role of the Young Leader and where they fit in the overall organisational structure

Please be aware that if at all possible it is better to complete this module with a group, that way you get a better learning experience and get the opportunity to meet other Young Leaders.

If you are completing this module for the first time you must also complete the module A workbook which you can download and email back to (Who Lee?). If you have already completed module A and are just viewing this as a refresher then please continue, there is no need to complete the workbook.

After enrolling on the course a link will be sent to you by email, please save this link as should you need to return to the course at any time, you will need to go through your email link.