District “Chair’s Award”

There is two aspects to this competition, the first is the Design a Badge and the other is the nomination for the District “Chairs Award”

Badge Competition

Firstly, this new scheme will need a badge that the young person receiving the reward will be able to wear throughout their time in Scouts. So, I am starting a design competition! The design should be in a rectangle shape as shown in the first attachment. Send your designs through to    awards@brscouts.org.uk. The closing date for this is XXXXXXXXXX.

The Award Scheme

The four criteria for this award are based on the Scouting values and Law:

  • Integrity – Showing excellent honesty, morality or loyalty to their fellow Scouts, group or section
  • Respect – Showing appreciation to others before themselves.
  • Care – Supporting someone else less able than themselves or helping someone in their moment of need.
  • Courage – Overcoming an obstacle.

Additionally, there is a temporary criteria for outstanding work during the COVID-19 crisis.

These awards will be open to any young person in the Bury & Ramsbottom District. A leader, parent or Scout can nominate a fellow Scout. Their name will go forward to a panel and I will personally give them out.

You can nominate a young person below or alternatively click here to download a paper form which can be sent to awards@brscouts.org.uk.

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